Chess sets collection


Wandering  through the world, some people gather precious stones, others get different stories about the places they visit and others collect only beautiful memories about the culture and traditions of the people they met.

Traveling through the world, I have gathered some of all this in my collection of chess sets from all over the world. Each of them has a story that waits to be told.

Once upon the time there was a king who…

EMIL SITARU -teacher

  1. Collection chess set Romania: metal pieces, wooden board
  2. Greece chess set : board with landscape
  3. Croatia crafts chess set: wooden pieces and board
  4. Chess computer France
  5. Magnetic chess Hungary
  6. Collection chess set from Salzburg
  7. Collection chess set : Egyptians vs. Romans
  8. Collection chess set: Asian armies
  9. Greece chess set: metal pieces and board
  10. Collection chess set: Napoleon vs. Austria
  11. Chess set in dark and light glass from France
  12. Chess set from Rome: marble pieces and board
  13. Romanian chess set: semiprecious stone pieces and board
  14. Spain chess set: pieces and board in Toledo gold and silver
  15. Chess set from Prague: pieces in Bohemian crystal with gold and silver
  16. Germany chess set (Mercedes museum in Stuttgart): magnetic pieces, aluminum box
  17. Portugal chess set: pieces and round box in wood
  18. Electronic clock Saitek
  19. Electronic clock from Spain
  20. Turkey chess set: stone pieces and board with tradional motifs.
  21. Malta chess set: metal pieces and wooden board
  22. Turkey chess set
  23. Egypt chess set
  24. Portable chess computer with board from Spain
  25. Touch-screen chess computer from Spain
  26. Tunis chess set:metal pieces and round wooden board
  27. Romanian chess board with pictures of the world chess champions
  28. Handmade ceramic Romania chess set
  29. Chess board with Turkish motifs
  30. Chess set from U.S.A.:bag, clock, pieces and board
  31. Competion chess set from Romania
  32. Denmark collection chess set
  33. Crafts chess set Hungary: wooden pieces hand painted and wooden board
  34. Chess set for 4 players Romania
  35. Chess set with Real Madrid symbols
  36. Chess set from Spain: board in leather
  37. Egypt chess set: board with Egyptian motifs
  38. Collection chess set: traditional Asian pieces
  39. Peru chess set: Incas vs. Conquistadors/a>
  40. Collection chess set: Robin Hood vs. Nottingham sheriff
  41. Collection chess set: Trojans vs.Achaeans 
  42. Greece chess set: even Gods play chess
  43. Chess set for … chess tasters
  44. Ceramics chess set from Spain; small pieces for children
  45. Chess set from Alhambra (Granada, Spain); board with arabic motifs
  46. Collection chess set: board and pieces with Korean motifs, individualized pawn
  47. Chess set from Peru with inca motifs
  48. Chess set in wood from China
  49. Krakow Chess Set 
  50. STAR TREK Chess Set 
  51. Chess Setfrom Salzburg: crusaders vs arabs
  52. Chess Planet
  53. LEGO Chess Set
  54. Matrioshka Chess Set from Krakow
  55. Ukraine Crafts Chess Set 
  56. Krakow Chess Set Battle of Grunwald (poles vs teutonic knights)
  57. Thailand Cess Set
  58. Irish Chess Set: Little Folk
  59. Irish Chess Set: Isle of Lewis
  60. Celtic Chess Set  (Ireland)
  61. Chess Set The Simpsons
  62. Ile Doree Chess Set (France)
  63. Chess Set from England (Incas vs. Conquistadors)
  64. A small glass…of chess
  65. Chess set from Morocco: board and pieces in marble
  66. Handcraft chess set from  Romania
  67. Chess set from Romania: board and pieces in semiprecious stone
  68. Chess set in onyx
  69. Collection chess set from Germany
  70. Super Mario chess set
  71. Pieces camel bone (India)
  72. Handcraft chess set from Guineea Bissau
  73. Chess set from Cordoba (board in leather, pieces in boxwood)
  74. Leather chess board from Cordoba
  75. Staunton pieces in rosewood (India)
  76. “Octogonal” chess set
  77. “Can” chess
  78. Chess set from Greece in olive wood
  79. Chess set for children (Spania)
  80. Handcraft chess from Budapesta
  81. Chess set from London
  82. Amphitheater chess set with Corinthian columns(Greece) 
  83. Chess set for blind people 
  84. 3-D chess set (England) 
  85. Collection chess set Camelot 
  86. Simpson Family chess set 
  87. Chess set with Australian symbols 
  88. Chess set for sailors (Copenhagen) 
  89. Pottery chess set for children 
  90. Chess set handmade by Adania and Tudor
  91. Chess set: Lord of the Rings
  92. Chocolate chess pieces (England)-one use only!
  93. Chess set from Chessmen collection
  94. Chess set from China-memory from 2016 MI class
  95. Chess set from Greece
  96. Chess set Harry Potter
  97. Outdoor chess set
  98. Chess set from Oslo:”Play with Magnus!”
  99. Chess set from Taiwan
  100. Chess set from Netherland:royal army vs. pirates 
  101. Chess pieces from Pakistan
  102. Star Trek pieces (class 7D-2016) 
  103. Chess board with dear memories

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