He is a math teacher at “N.Balcescu” High School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He has also taught mathematics in France, at “Suzanne Valadon” High School in Limoges, and in the USA, in Holly Hill, South Carolina.

He participated in the Limoges chess club (1993-1994).

Between 1994-2002 he organized and chaired the “E.Racovita” High School chess club in Cluj-Napoca.

In 2000-2001 he organized and chaired the chess club in Holly Hill Roberts High, also getting the diploma as a coach recognized by the US Chess Federation.

One of his students became scholastic chess champion of the South Carolina state and participated in the Supernationals, in Kansas-City, in April 2001.

Since 2002 he has organized and chaired the chess club in “N.Balcescu” High School. Several Romanian students from the chess clubs became rated players and got top places in the Romanian national contests.

“In trying times humankind returns to simple, basic things. In the middle of the age of speed, of ultrarapid means of transport, humankind has discovered the bicycle again. In the large cities in western Europe there are tracks, parking spaces and traffic lights specially made for cycling. It is a return to physical exercise, fresh air and the pleasure of moving outdoors.

In the age of information technology, of top quality computers, let us discover the joy that comes from simple, direct personal thinking, from analyzing, creating and enjoying all this. Chess offers us this wonderful opportunity which is so easy to grasp for all of us.

Far away from home, abroad, I met interesting people and I made friends by playing chess, without being a professional chess player. I have obtained results which have brought me great joy, with my Romanian and foreign chess pupils.

Dear parents, offer your children this benefit for a lifetime !

The chessboard and its pieces should not be missing from their learning desk.

I have opened the game…the next move is yours.”

E.SITARU -teacher

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